Education, Outreach and Prevention

At Brothers United, we believe the people we serve deserve to be empowered. Am informed, well-education client leads to a stronger organization and a healthier community.

Club & Street Outreach

Outreach happens during non-traditional hours at locations throughout Indianapolis, to deliver tailored and appropriate messages and materials to encourage safe sex, risk reduction and the importance of knowing your HIV status.

Internet Outreach and Prevention

Internet prevention and outreach focuses on HIV/STD prevention, education and awareness on social media websites and chatrooms to encourage safe sex, risk reduction.

Red Ribbon Rumble HIV Prevention Program (RRR)

RRR is a prevention program funded by the Health Foundation of greater Indianapolis that targets the house/ballroom scene. The house/ballroom scene is an underground population within the Black LGBT community. This community is comprised of often young, ostracized msm and transgender youth who form close familial binds with one another, while competing in “Balls” that represent self-expression, individuality, and acceptance.

Red Ribbon Rumble is a safe space where members of the house/ballroom scene come together to chat, sip, and dip (discuss issues and receive information, have a quick meal or snack, and participate in a variety of activities such as vogueing and walking the runway!

Red Ribbon Rumble also hosts an annual free ball for members of the community.

Red Ribbon Rumble will be hosted on April 13th, May 11th, June 8th, July 6th, Aug 3rd, Sep 14th, Oct 5th, and Nov 2nd from 10pm – 12am at Casa Blanca (4004 Georgetown Road, Indianapolis, IN 46254)

POP Project

Information Coming Soon