Red Ribbon Rumble – WE ALL BLEED RED

April 13, 2018

From 10pm – 12am

Red Ribbon Rumble (RRR) is a prevention program that targets the house/ballroom scene. Red Ribbon Rumble is also a safe space where members of the house/ballroom scene come together to chat, sip, and dip (discuss issues and receive information, have a quick meal or snack, and participate in a variety of activities such as voguing and walking the runway!!!

Red Ribbon Rumble Ambassador Johnny presents “WE ALL BLEED RED” Vogue Nights The Relaunch!

Location: Casa Blanca (4004 Georgetown Road, Indianapolis, IN 46254)
Categories are:
Open to All Performance (in all Red with a touch of Black) 5 trophy’s winners battle for Cash prize.
Woman’s Runway
OTA BQ runway
OTA hand performance
OTA Realness
OTA Virgin Vogue
OTA Master of the Element