Support for Persons Living with HIV

A group level intervention that promotes the sexual health and well being of men living with HIV/AIDS through weekly support group meetings and workshops.

Young Adult Discussion Group

The Immaculate Men Acquiring Genuine Excellence (IMAGE) is a youth group focused on educating and empowering today’s generation by creating a comfortable space to discuss issues such as sexuality, education, relationships, and healthy sexual behavior.

Adult Discussion Groups

3MV, an adult discussion group for MSM ages 25 & over, aims to prevent HIV & STD transmissions by discussing factors that influence behavior such as cultural and social interactions and by teaching participants assertiveness & behavior modification techniques.

Transgender Support Services

Pillow Talk

With so much attention being placed on trans individuals, it’s easy for one to conclude that the transgender community has finally arrived. Although individuals such as Laverne Cox and  Caitlyn Jenner have made strides in creating a platform to discuss and address trans issues, the problems facing the transgender community remain as prevalent as ever.

HIV and other Health Disparities 

The trans-community continues to be disproportionately affected by HIV and other health disparities. For example, it is estimated that transgender are 45 times more likely to contract HIV than the general population (

Violence and the Transgender Community  

Transwomen deal with the prevailing threat of violence. According to, 45% of hate murders reported were against transgender women, while representing only 10% of total hate violence survivors or victims. The Indianapolis community specifically has seen the murder of at least two transgender women in 2015.

 Homelessness and the Transgender Community  

A 2011survey done by the National Transgender Discrimination Network, revealed that 19% of participants were homeless, 11 % faced eviction, and 26% were seeking temporary housing. The trans-community still faces alarming rates of homelessness and housing disparities.

Creating a Thriving Transgender Community 

 There is still much work to be done to create a thriving transgender community, as you can see from these examples. As it states in our mission, Brothers United is committed to improving the overall health of our community, including those who are transgender.

Pillow Talk, an unfunded, grass-roots program, is essential to addressing these issues and creating a thriving transgender community. Pillow talk is a peer-led support group that empowers transgender individuals and promotes positive self-esteem. In addition, Pillow Talk provides workshops and trainings that assist participants with finding gainful employment and reaching their educational goals. Pillow Talk has assisted over 35 transgender clients with finding permanent housing and job placement. These clients are now living more fulfilling, healthier lives.

Ryan White Support Service